Infirmary Health is pleased to introduce iHealthy, a comprehensive corporate wellness program that brings Infirmary Health's high quality care and professionalism to your workplace. From health screenings to monthly lunch and learn programs, we work to help you maintain a healthy corporate community.

Every year, employers across the country spend billions of dollars in healthcare benefits. Companies that have employees with moderate to high levels of health risk factors are likely to spend more. However, we work directly with your company to help define a corporate wellness strategy that meets the needs of your staff and fits within your budget. Our team looks forward to meeting with you to discuss what we can offer your organization.


D. Mark Nix
President & CEO, Infirmary Health
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How It Works:

With iHealthy, your employees will receive:
  • Yearly wellness screenings
  • Online Health Assessment (HA)
  • Lab testing
  • Body composition testing
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Additional screening tests can be added at client request for an additional fee
  • Physician-evaluated cardiac risk assessment
  • Physician review of each HA and screening results with written evaluation and recommendations by the physician
Receive Follow-Up Assessments and Coaching
  • Monthly or quarterly
  • Body composition testing
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Wellness coaching
  • Educational materials
Educational Information
  • Presentations on health topics identified in response to company assessment and HA results
  • Motivational health challenges, developed in coordination with educational presentation
  • Aggregate and individual reports are provided to help you measure your workforce’s health success